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Food Republic now open at Manulife Centre!
28 Jul 2015 8:00 am - 31 Aug 2035 10:00 pm  
The new Food Republic outlet at Manulife Centre is officially open! Re-conceptualised and given a completely new“Private Kitchen” identity, the outlet offers diners the intimacy of a homely, cosy and personalised home-kitchen setting. Students and young working adults in the area now have a fresh option for quality and affordable dining.
New to Food Republic is Sumber Ayam Chicken Rice, a halal stall managed by the same owners as the famous Guan Chee Hong Kong Roast (with its origins dating back to Chinatown Tofu Street in 1980). The stall will be debuting halal creations, especially for its Muslim patrons, and including its famous roast meats and quintessential Chicken Rice at the Manulife Centre. Other popular selections include local favourites such as Chicken Char Siew Wanton Mee, Ayam Penyet, and Chicken Cutlet Rice.
There will also be three mini-restaurants within the food atrium – Toast Box, Chi Rashi Tei, and Ah Koong Restaurant. Diners will be able to choose between traditional toast, premium sashimi and Chirashi-don, or delicious handmade fishball noodles.
14 Aug 2015 6:30 pm - 06 Sep 2016 7:00 pm  

Ming Jing’s paintings give you the sense of weightlessness, as if you were gliding through them. He seems to be hiding in a small tranquil world far away from the chaos of reality.

St James Fitness Festival Presents: ZUMBA x U-JAM FITNESS
31 Aug 2016 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm  

We are proud to present a mid week, heart pumping workout session in a club. Remember all those times you'd go to a club, party till late and have trouble waking up the next day?We're turning things around! You can leave those Wednesday blues in the office and have a blast sweating it out. We even promise you would get home in time for a good night's sleep for work the next day (wink)The event will be happening at a club, Millian at St James Power Station, opposite Vivo City. The closes MRT would be Harbourfront. There are plenty of parking spaces at St James!

Singapore Health and Biomedical Congress 2016
23 Sep 2016 07:30 am - 24 Sep 2016 5:00 pm  

The most Highly-Anticipated Congress of the Year is back! The National Healthcare Group (NHG) is proud to present the 14th Edition of The Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress (SHBC). Previously known as the Annual Scientific Congress, it has grown exponentially to become the Largest Healthcare & Scientific Congress in Singapore.

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